Mercedes BAS / ESP light on ? we can fix it!

There are a number of reasons that these lights come on and go off on the Mercedes vehicle. Really the only way of finding out the cause is for your vehicle to have a diagnostic check carried out which in the majority of cases will identify the cause.

We have found in a lot of incidences that the Steering Angle sensor requires resetting however the steering wheel must be in the straight ahead position when going straight.

If the steering is off centre the vehicle will have to have the front wheel tracking checked and adjusted and steering wheel centralised.? Then it is a matter of resetting the steering angle sensor so that the systems are able to react correctly.

Sure there are a number of other reasons that these light will come on but the diagnostic check will highlight the faults and identify the necessary action that needs to be taken.

We can give you a full print out of all the systems that are on your vehicle and any faults recorded.

We can fix it.

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Full print out of vehicle systems

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