Independent Specialist Garage - About Us

Why are we different?

We are not Kwik Fit, Formulae 1 or any of the other franchise networks that have so called Technicians, Mechanics on bonus, you are trained to maximise the amount of repairs need on a car they have at their site.

We are a relatively small company who have 5 employees dedicated to ensuring that our customers have the very best possible service at a reasonable cost for work that is definitely required.

We like to show our customers the items that require work on their vehicles, up on the ramp if they want, so that they have a better understanding of the concerns on their vehicle. Yes we do dedicate the time required for this process and do it time and time again every day.

A very recent example:

A customer booked her vehicle for a full service. After a period of time she called to see how it was doing and we advised we had found a number of items that needed attention. Some immediate, and some in the not too distant future. We won?t say what she accused us of but to cut a long story short she arrived with Dad I tow about 15 mins later accusing us of not knowing what we were doing as well as many other expletives. Once the situation has calmed down they were both showed into the workshop and individually showed the list of items we had found and asked what their opinion of our finding was. Without exception they agreed with all of our findings and didn?t realise how dangerous their vehicle was. One of the items was a serious brake fault and another was a imminent coolant loss problem where a hose had virtually chaffed through. The remaining items could be done at some time in the future however needed doing to ensure the reliability and safety of both the driver and other road users.

It transpired that the lady had a few bad experiences with other repairers in the previous few years and thought we were all the same. We are not.

Happy ending, with the two dangerous items been attended to on the day and the other work will be done as soon as she has the money needed to repair the items. She went away thanking us for our time and apologising for the unfortunate incident and Dad booked his car in for its MOT next week.

Unfortunately the above is just too common. A least once a week we get involved with a situation where someone else has done a repair on a vehicle that hasn?t cured a problem and the vehicle is brought to us for our opinion. We are here to help and nothing gives us more satisfaction than rectifying a fault and having a happy customer.

You need to give us a try so call 01406 422457 and we will endeavour to do the best for you.