Car Diagnostics - Why Pay For a Mechanic's Trial and Error

Fleet Road Garage Car Diagnostics is not only the most advanced in the field it even comes with a 6 mth guarantee! (should you need another diagnostic check within 6 months of the original test it will be carried out Free of Charge!)

Our Car Diagnostics Pricing Is Simple!

Cars and Vans excluding Mercedes and Mercedes products £ 47.50 inc vat

Mercedes and Mercedes products £ 75.00 inc vat

(The reason for the extra cost for the Mercedes is due to the length of time required to do a full test)

The above prices give you a saving of between 30% and 45% on Main Deal pricing

On a modern day car you have a number of computers looking after many aspects of your car. Just to name a few: ECU (normally the main unit controlling the engine management of your car), Anti lock braking, Safety restraint system, Air Conditioning, Comfort Controls, Alarm, Air Bags, Entertainment, etc, etc.

If something goes wrong with one of these systems the only way to find out the fault is with Car Diagnostics normally in the shape of a laptop or hand held diagnostic equipment.

Here at Fleet Road Garage we have invested heavily in the latest equipment and have the equivalent Vehicle Diagnostic Equipment available at Mercedes Dealers, VW and Audi Dealers and also Renault Dealers. We also have adequate equipment to diagnose the majority of faults on 95% of the other vehicles on the road from programming in a new injector for a Ford Mondeo to finding out why the ABS light is on a Kia. We are also adding to our Dealer equivalent Diagnostic Equipment on a regular basis.

The Vehicle Diagnostic equipment will invariably give a trouble code and from this, gives an indication to the problem. With an ABS fault it will probably translate this code into Right Rear Sensor fault and whilst the fault could be either the sensor/wiring/sensor ring problem, the remedy is fairly straight forward.

A different scenario is when an engine management light is on. Here again the system will display one or a number of fault codes with a relevant description. Now the skill comes in to establish the remedy for the problem. Lets say the Vehicle Diagnostic say that the EGR valve has a problem, and also that the system is running weak and also that air intake flap not working. Yes you could go and change most of these items at great cost however in this case, on a vehicle we repaired, the fault was with the vacuum pipes. One being split caused the knock on effect of the other problems. So Car Diagnostics will lead you towards the problem but in a lot of cases does not give you the remedy. This is where the skill and experience comes in and at Fleet Road Garage we have a vast amount of both.

So don’t guess. Give us a call and we can discuss a course of action. 01406 422457