Government Plan Reignites Debate Over Electric Cars

The government’s announcement of plans to ban petrol and diesel cars by 2040 had barely been made when the debate over electric cars was once again reignited. Extreme views on both ends of the spectrum were on display, with the harshest critics claiming smoke and mirrors and the most ardent supporters touting the moral virtue of driving on batteries. Not much was said about the reality of things like car sales, energy production, and what the market will actually bear. Continue reading

Explain This to Your Audi Car Repair Specialist

Somewhere in Cardiff there’s Audi car repair specialist who cannot quite figure out how one of his clients managed to get his car stuck on top of two others, thereby necessitating extensive repairs to the underside. Quite frankly, only the driver of the car in question really knows for sure what happened. At any rate, parking an Audi TT on top of two others is something the manufacturer doesn’t recommend. Continue reading

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Independent Car Servicing Important Enough to Buy Used

When BMW and Mercedes-Benz implemented policies designed to control where and how their cars could be serviced, they set a trend that other car manufacturers are beginning to look at. How long the trend lasts is anyone’s guess. Data shows that customers are not all that happy with the move, to the extent that they are willing to trade in their new cars if it means being able to use an independent service garage. Continue reading

Audi Finally Beats BMW for Fleets

No one knows whether it was a high level of Audi service, the right price point, or something different altogether, but the stars recently aligned to make Audi the preferred brand among UK fleet owners. For the first time since the German car maker set its sights on the fleet market some 30 years ago, the company has finally eclipsed BMW as Fleet Manufacturer of the Year. Continue reading

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Car Upholstery Repair on Vegan Interiors

Bentley recently became the latest luxury car maker to announce plans to create a line of cars with vegan interiors. Though no launch date has been set for the line, designers at Bentley are looking at a range of options including mushroom and protein-based leathers and jellyfish-based materials for trim. The announcement causes us to wonder what car upholstery repair might be like for a vegan interior. Continue reading