Finance Christmas with a Used Audi or VW

It is now too late to do anything about your Christmas shopping for this year, but here is something to remember for next year: you might be able to finance your shopping budget by purchasing a used Audi in December. Statistics show that many used cars are at their cheapest prices during the last month […]

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Volkswagen Owners Offered Free Winter ‘Health Check’

If you are the owner of a Volkswagen Transporter, Crafter, or Caddy, you are entitled to a free winter ‘health check’ of your vehicle thanks to an offer from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. The free check includes a 29-point inspection designed to alert you to problems that could negatively affect winter driving. The free Volkswagen servicing […]

Audi Tops Car Repair Costs among German Big Three

Car repair costs should be part of the equation whenever you choose to purchase a new or used vehicle. Such costs are part of the overall cost of ownership that will eventually determine how much you pay to drive the car you choose. In Britain, we love cars from German manufacturers such as Audi, Mercedes, […]

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Volkswagen Service: Changing Your Coolant

Regular vehicle maintenance is an important part of extending the life of your Volkswagen. As with all German cars, most Volkswagens are designed to work in a specific way, with specific equipment and fluids. It is for this reason that we recommend certified Volkswagen service at a reputable repair shop for your dealer. Having said […]