Recall Leads to More Volkswagen, Porsche, and Audi Repairs

Every car manufacturer hates them and every car owner is afraid of them. Of course, we are talking about recalls. Yet recalls are a part of life in a day and age when the average car is built using a seemingly endless supply of high-tech components. Such is the case with the latest recall affecting […]

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Does Pre-Reg Mean Consumers Are Buying Second Hand Cars?

Have you ever wondered how news outlets figure out who the top car sellers in the UK are? “It’s easy,” you say, “they rely on sales figures.” Well, that is only partially true. It turns out that the data being used is not necessarily reliable due to something known as pre-registration (pre-reg). The practice of […]

Car Problems: German Manufacturers Not As Reliable Anymore

Would you ever consider purchasing breakdown cover as the owner of an older German car? How about purchasing an extended warranty when buying a new car? It turns out that car buyers are quick to believe that German cars are more reliable than most others are. However, it also turns out the German manufacturers are […]