What Will Luxury Electric Cars Mean for Car Servicing Costs?

German carmakers have been reluctant to jump into the arena of electric cars due to low profit margins and a lack of demand. This is especially true in the UK market, where buyers prefer inexpensive vehicles that they can obtain without having to refinance their homes. Yet it seems as though Audi and Mercedes are […]

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Experts Warn of New Scam Involving Second-Hand Car Sales

You are in the market for a good second-hand car capable of providing reliable transportation without costing a fortune. You start looking through the adverts to find something in your price range, only to come across a car that seems to be too good to be true. Could you be walking into a scam? Maybe […]

Timing Belt Replacement: Use a Certified VW or Audi Garage

Part of the attractiveness of VWs and Audis is that they tend to be very reliable over the long term. For example, most owners will need to replace the timing belt only once or twice for the life of the vehicle – and that’s provided they drive it up to 150,000 miles. However, timing belt […]

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Look Back in Time to Protect Your Mercedes, BMW, Audi

Take your car in for Mercedes service and you are likely to find the garage owns a keyless entry kit allowing them to perform routine repairs and maintenance without a form of manual entry. This is good in the sense that customers do not need to leave their keys behind when having a car serviced. […]