Do Car Scratch Repair Kits Really Work?

You look down at your recently purchased car and notice a scratch from a wheelie bin. How did it get there, you wonder. More importantly, how are you going to get it out? You could go down to your local car repair store and buy a car scratch repair kit. You could make an appointment […]

ECU Replacement: New vs Reconditioned Parts

Electronic control units (ECUs) are present in every modern car. Unfortunately, the failure of just one unit can make a car completely undrivable. Consider the Mercedes A-Class as just one example. Failure of one of the computerised modules responsible for regulating fuel injection could put a driver out of business instantly. Then it is off […]

2 Things to Consider before You Buy a New Smart Car

Daimler AG thought they had struck gold when they reached a deal to begin producing Smart Cars in 1994. And while sales expectations never turned out to be what Smart Car founder Nicolas Hayek had hoped, the brand has still done very well as a city car. The cars are inexpensive to purchase, operate and […]