Tips for Your Audi A6 Service Schedule

Your Audi A6 is a precision vehicle manufactured to provide maximum driving enjoyment. To maintain that satisfaction, there is an Audi A6 service schedule that also offers the best fuel mileage and longest possible car life when followed appropriately. Simply put, you will get a lot more out of your car if you follow the […]

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Smart Car Clutch Replacement May Not Be Necessary

If you own a smart car that seems to be giving you trouble with the clutch, do not necessarily assume a clutch replacement is necessary. It may not be. Some smart models, such as the Roadster, can exhibit problems that may indicate a failing clutch when the matter is as simple as replacing the clutch […]

Is Hypermiling Bad for a Car Engine Computer

We are pretty obsessed with fuel efficiency in Europe. However, perhaps not as obsessed as the creators of an odd style of driving that began in the States and now has made it across the Pond. Of course, we are talking about the practice of hypermiling. Although hypermiling is catching on here in the UK, […]

Check Engine Codes: Nothing Critical at the Time

That little amber light on your dashboard begins to glow as you drive happily down the motorway. The glowing icon resembling an engine tells you something is not quite right with that motor you depend on to get you to your destination. Well, there is both good news and bad. The good news is that […]

Use Star Diagnostic Machine with Caution

Mercedes-Benz’ Star Diagnostic system was developed by the German carmaker to help improve service provided by independent garages and dealers around the world. As Mercedes vehicles became more complex through computerisation, it was determined that an electronic diagnostic system could be a primary tool for providing good service. Today, high-quality star diagnostic machines found in […]