3 Reasons MOT Prices Vary among Garages

Every car older than three years must undergo an annual MOT inspection at an approved garage. Anyone who has ever booked an MOT knows that prices vary from one garage to the next. So what is going on? Why do MOT prices differ so much between independent, dealership, and council garages?

Dealer and Independent Garage Servicing: The Trade-Offs

Being the owner of an expensive import such as Mercedes or Audi can mean pricey repairs at the dealership. Indeed, the same goes for less expensive imports like Volkswagen, Skoda, and even Volvo. There are times when certain kinds of repairs require specialised skills, tools, and equipment that your independent garage is not going to […]

Having an MOT Checklist Can Save You Time and Money

A recently released research report indicates that 25% of the UK’s small businesses with company vehicles are paying hundreds of millions of pounds in repair bills every year after finding out vehicles do not pass MOTs. Poor maintenance practices and a lack of MOT understanding are exacerbating the problem. As for individual car owners, we […]