What to Do When ECU Testing Equipment Fails

A letter written to The Guardian back in June explained the unfortunate story of a UK couple who had trouble with their RV while travelling in France. They spent thousands of pounds on two repairs, the first of which could have been avoided had the ECU testing equipment at the garage not failed. What happened […]

Audi Repair: Does It Really Cost More Than Mercedes and BMW?

Ask any group of German car owners which manufacturer’s cars are the most expensive to maintain and you are likely to witness a serious disagreement with fairly strong opinions. We hear the arguments all the time. Some insist that lifelong Audi repair is most expensive while others claim that the typical Mercedes will cost you […]

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eBay Second-Hand Cars: Would You Buy Online?

You’ve been thinking about buying an Audi or Mercedes second-hand because you know buying used is the only way you’ll be able to afford the car of your dreams. One day you are talking about it with your friend, only to have that person suggest you buy on eBay. Would you do it?

Smart Car Engine Rebuild Affordable Option to Buying New

The earliest Smart Cars began hitting the roads around 1999/2000. That means original versions are now in the 15 to 16-year-old range. This is about the time that engines start wearing out – even in cars that have been meticulously cared for by conscientious owners. The good news is that the Smart Car engine, while […]