Daimler Takes Control of Black Cab Taxi App

German automaker Daimler has announced that it has taken a controlling stake in British taxi-hailing app Hailo. This is a significant move into a new segment of the auto world, and it could indicate the start of a general move by German carmakers into these new frontiers of the auto-related industry A New Frontier Hailo […]

As Per New Legislation German Autonomous Cars Must Now Have Black Boxes

Legislation has been enacted in Germany that means automakers will have to install black boxes in all cars that have an autopilot setting. Lawmakers say this will allow investigators to determine responsibility in the event of an accident. Fatal Crash The law arises, according to sources from the German Transport Ministry, from the fatal crash […]

German Car Market Worries Due to Brexit Pinch

Brexit has already started to cause severe market tremors in the German car market due to its overexposure to the UK car market. With German car manufacturers exporting more than one million cars every single year, automakers in Germany are feeling the pinch. The Rise of EU Markets Although the likes of BMW, Audi, and […]