Buying a Second-Hand Car: How About an Import?

It has long been the practice of people buying a second-hand car to avoid German imports in the UK. The cost of repairs has funnelled used car buyers toward American, Japanese and British nameplates and away from manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi. Things may be changing, though.

Would You Buy a Smart Car and Share It with Others?

When Mercedes-Benz announced plans to launch a car-sharing service in Europe, no one really knew what it would look like. Now their plans are starting to take shape, thanks to an announcement that Smart will be the first Mercedes nameplate to be part of the programme. People will be able to buy a Smart car […]

Mercedes Smart Car: The Moral Dilemma of Automated Cars

There are plenty of valid reasons to doubt that automated cars will be the norm on European roads at any point in the near future. The most recent is an admission by Mercedes-Benz that reveals one of the many moral dilemmas of automated driving. To date, there is no Mercedes smart car smart enough to […]

Motoring Ombudsman Makes Car Repairs Less of a Hassle

If you have a dispute with your bank that you cannot seem to settle, one place you can go for assistance is the Financial Ombudsman. But did you know that you now have the same opportunity when it comes to car repairs? It’s true. A brand-new mediation service known as The Motor Ombudsman is now […]