Car ECU Remapping Not a Target for Hackers…Yet

Over the last 12 months, there have been an increasing number of reports of car hacking. For example, criminals are using jamming devices to prevent people from locking their car doors using key fobs. Once unsuspecting car owners walk away, the thieves help themselves to the valuables left behind. There have been reports of other […]

ASA Goes after DPF ‘Nuclear Option’

Your Audi A4 has worked flawlessly since you purchased it. But recently, you’ve noticed it seems a bit sluggish. You can’t seem to get the car up to speed as quickly as you used to. So what to do? You go online and start searching for solutions based on the symptoms you’ve observed. You eventually […]

How to Turn a £55 MOT into a £20,000 BMW

Jane Robinson, a 65-year-old grandmother from Waltham, recently took her car down to the local MOT test centre for its annual inspection. What she planned to be a routine transaction involving windscreen fluid and tyres turned into something a lot more valuable. Jane ended up being the winner of a brand-new BMW 1 Series after […]

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Technology: The Reason New Car Repairs Cost So Much

In the old days, you could wreck your brand-new car, take it down to the local repair garage and pay a few hundred pounds to get it back on the road. Those days are long gone. Today, even the most innocuous of repairs can cost thousands of pounds without even trying. So why do new […]