Audi Repairs Still Cost the Most

If you think you’ll be in the market for an Audi cambelt change at some point in the future, be prepared to pay big. Among the top three German luxury brands – Audi, BMW, and Mercedes – Audi remains at the top of the list in terms of the cost of repairs.

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Smart Going All-Electric in North America – Here Next?

If you already drive a Smart electric car in Europe or North America, you are ahead of the game. We say that because Mercedes-Benz recently announced that the Smart brand would only be manufacturing electric cars for the North American market beginning with the 2017 model year. Which basically means from right now.

Buying Second Hand Cars: Think About Depreciation

UK consumers buying second-hand cars can take comfort in the fact that we have the second fastest depreciation rate in the world, behind only New Zealand. That’s good because it makes used cars more affordable. It can be bad, though. If you purchase a new car in the hope of selling it for a relatively […]

Mirror: Costly Car Repairs Could Be Council’s Problem

You’re driving your Audi A3 through the centre of town when suddenly you hear a loud noise accompanied by a severe jolting of your front end. After stopping and getting out to take a look, you realise you just hit a pothole and blew out your front tyre. It looks like you destroyed your custom […]