What You Should Know Before Buying an MB Star Diagnostic Tool

If you own a luxury Mercedes-Benz vehicle, you know that taking the car to the garage for repairs can be an expensive proposition. Something as simple as hooking your car up to the dealer’s Mercedes-Benz Star Diagnostic tool can cost a lot. It’s no wonder that so many Mercedes owners seriously consider buying their own […]

Big Car Fail: Do Not Avoid the Car MOT Check

Your next car MOT check is coming up fairly soon. In the back of your mind, you suspect there might be a few things wrong that would prevent your vehicle from passing. What do you do? Do you avoid the MOT check and take your chances? Or do you have the car looked at in […]

The Car Mechanic: A Banger-Buyer’s Best Friend

Banger-buyers are interesting breed. They scour every resource they can get their hands on in search of a decent car they can get at a good price without having to worry about putting a load of money into future repairs and maintenance. The best banger-buyers understand one thing: a good car mechanic can be the […]

Hot Water Car Dent Repair Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be

There has been a video circulating on the internet showing a man repairing his dented front bumper using nothing more than hot water and his bare hand. The video shows him pouring the water on the dent before placing his hand behind the bumper and pushing it forward. Beware, this hot water car dent repair […]