Mercedes Thefts Raise New Questions about Car Security

In the ongoing debate over whether the Mercedes-Benz diagnostic software used by mechanics to troubleshoot cars should be available to the general public, the German car maker’s official position is that the need for security trumps the rights of car owners to handle their own diagnostics and repairs. Their claims of security concerns have been […]

VW Car Repairs Spark Thousands of Complaints

Since the Volkswagen emissions scandal broke, UK owners have been faced with the decision of whether to get their cars fixed or continue driving them as-is. Common sense would dictate that repairs are in order, especially given that Volkswagen cannot charge for them, but not everyone is on board with that solution. In fact, thousands […]

Car Repair Grudges and the Customer Knowledge Deficit

The last time you took your car into the repair garage for work, did you know exactly what you were doing? A new survey released by a start-up company known as Motoreasy suggests that the vast majority of British car owners in the same position don’t. The survey further indicates that consumers suffer from a […]

New Taxes to Kill to Second-Hand Car Sales?

It is no secret that numerous government agencies and officials want to further reduce emissions at any cost, even if that means penalising car owners who cannot afford to buy new vehicles. The recently announced ultra-low emission zones (ULEZ) set to come into play in 2019 is evidence enough. What those in favour of the […]