Failed MOT Can Mean a £2,500 Fine

The average driver understands that a brand-new car needs its first MOT test on the third anniversary of the original registration. Thereafter, annual MOTs are required. But do you know that a failed MOT could mean a £2,500 fine – even if you take your car in before your current MOT expires?

Audi Finally Beats BMW for Fleets

No one knows whether it was a high level of Audi service, the right price point, or something different altogether, but the stars recently aligned to make Audi the preferred brand among UK fleet owners. For the first time since the German car maker set its sights on the fleet market some 30 years ago, […]

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Car Upholstery Repair on Vegan Interiors

Bentley recently became the latest luxury car maker to announce plans to create a line of cars with vegan interiors. Though no launch date has been set for the line, designers at Bentley are looking at a range of options including mushroom and protein-based leathers and jellyfish-based materials for trim. The announcement causes us to […]

Where Do You Go for BMW, Mercedes, and Audi Service?

Three German brands – BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi – consistently rank in the top five among those car brands most costly to repair and maintain. If you own a car with a German nameplate, where do you go when you need service? Is cheap Audi service acceptable to you? Do you prefer to take your […]