The Differences Between DPF Removal and ECU Remapping

You have put a lot of money into purchasing and maintaining your car. It is reasonable that you would want to ensure maximum performance for every pound spent. Perhaps that is why so many car owners these days are looking at a range of modifications, including DPF removal and ECU remapping. DPF removal and ECU […]

Upgrading Your Audi’s Looks and Performance

Audi is among the favourite nameplates for fans of German car engineering who either cannot afford a BMW or Mercedes or simply do not want to spend the extra money. There is a lot to love about Audi, including the fact that most of the carmaker’s models are easily and affordably upgraded through aftermarket parts […]

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Government Plan Reignites Debate Over Electric Cars

The government’s announcement of plans to ban petrol and diesel cars by 2040 had barely been made when the debate over electric cars was once again reignited. Extreme views on both ends of the spectrum were on display, with the harshest critics claiming smoke and mirrors and the most ardent supporters touting the moral virtue […]