Will Smart Car Service Costs Go up in 2019?

There is something afoot in the factories that produce Smart cars. That something is an aggressive conversion that is preparing the plants to manufacture nothing but electric vehicles beginning in 2019. With the announcement of the plan to go all-electric in 2019, Smart has decided to cross a line they may not be able to […]

Depreciation and Second-Hand Car Sales

Are you planning to buy a second-hand car at some point in the near future? If so, how much thought will you put into the idea of depreciation? Second-hand cars obviously cost less than their newer counterparts because they have lost some value over time. Yet how much value they lose is necessarily measurable by […]

AA Goes ‘All In’ with Vehicle Diagnostic Software

February was not a good month for the AA. Following a 20th February announcement that the company was going all in on its vehicle diagnostic software, AA shares fell more than 25% on fears the profits this year would be lower as a result. Investors worried that the company would be putting too much money […]

Is Your Car Reliable and Inexpensive to Repair?

Next time you get to grumbling about how much servicing your Mercedes costs, keep in mind that there are plenty of other cars with even higher repair costs. If you are worried that your Audi is not the most reliable car you have ever driven, know that there are other cars that consumers say are […]

Get Ready for an MOT Testing Nightmare in March

March 2015 saw the highest number of new car registrations in decades. According to This Is Money, more than 492,000 vehicles were put on the road for the first time during that month. That may not seem all that important to you, unless you are one of those drivers whose car needs an MOT inspection […]