Drive a Brand-New Mercedes for Just One £1

You have been driving a second-hand Smart car for years. You salivate over the idea of getting behind the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz, but you do not have the money to buy new. Having seen the prices of second-hand Mercedes cars for sale, you cannot even afford to buy used. But now you can get […]

Done with Diesel: Maybe It’s Time to Go EV

VW garages have been working overtime since the Volkswagen emissions scandal broke in late 2015. Some 30 months later, fallout from the scandal continues. Manufacturers from Volkswagen to BMW have all reported declining interest in diesel cars. What does that mean to you? Maybe it is time to start looking at electric vehicles (EVs).

The New e-tron EV from Audi: Remap Not Required

We have given plenty of attention to electric vehicles (EVs) from Smart, Tesla, and Nissan. Now it’s Audi’s turn. The German car company is now taking orders for the e-tron EV. Anyone who wants to get on the waiting list and be kept apprised of Audi’s progress can place an order online or by visiting […]

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