5 Bad Habits That Could Make Your Volkswagen Garage Rich

Do you consider yourself a good driver? You are not alone; most of us are pretty confident in our driving skills. Perhaps our mechanics would have another opinion, though. They see the results of a number of bad habits that far too many of us are prone to.

Let’s say you’re the proud owner of a brand-new VW Golf. This little baby is your pride and joy. Of course, you’re going to be extra careful for the first few months of ownership. But after that, all bets are off. So let’s take a look at how you drive.

Based on a survey recently released by the RAC, there are five extremely bad habits that could make your Volkswagen garage rich:

1. Misusing the Gears

The gears in your car are different sizes. Higher gears are larger in diameter; lower gears are smaller. The different sizes guarantee that the engine never has to work extremely hard under normal conditions. If you misuse your gears though, you could be harming both them and the engine.

Thankfully, a lot of today’s manual transmission cars come with red indicator light to tell you when to shift. If you are driving an older Volkswagen without said lights, pay attention to the tachometer, or learn to shift by listening.

2. Resting Your Hand on the Gear Shift

Constantly resting your hand on the gear shift is another bad habit you should avoid. Doing so puts pressure on some of the parts in the shift system, causing premature wear. And by the way, the same goes for the clutch pedal. If you are driving a manual transmission car, do not ride the clutch. You’ll burn it out long before its time.

3. Revving the Engine

It is never advisable to rev an engine – whether you are driving a Volkswagen, a Mercedes Benz, or a Skoda. Engines are not designed to withstand that kind of punishment. If you rev your engine, even when it’s cold out, you are risking premature wear at the very least. A worst-case scenario would have you blowing your engine right then and there.

4. Hitting Road Hazards

Somerset Live reports that one-third of all vehicle damage in the UK is caused by potholes. Thus, you should really pay attention to the road. But don’t just worry about potholes, also look out for speed bumps. Going over speed bumps too quickly can buckle your wheels, damage your tyres, and throw your alignment out of balance.

5. Ignoring Warning Lights

The biggest thing to avoid if you don’t want to make your VW garage rich is ignoring warning lights. Your dash is covered with them, and they are there for your good. Do not ever ignore a warning light in the hope that it will go away by itself.

The good news is that most warning lights indicate only minor problems. Get these minor problems taken care of before they become major disasters. Otherwise, the next warning light you see might be fatal to the car.


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