Are Smart Car Specialists Benefiting from Vandals?

Are Smart car specialists benefiting from vandals? It is a legitimate question thanks to research that indicates car vandals tend to pick on compacts first. Smart cars and Minis are at the top of the list. And if vandals are targeting compacts, garages that specialise in their repair would seem to be doing well, too.

This isn’t to say that it’s a good thing garages are benefiting. Obviously, we would prefer that vandals don’t touch our cars. But vandals will be vandals. And garages will always be there to pick up the pieces, so to speak, by putting our cars back together again.

The Survey Says…

Churchill Car Insurance looked at vandalism claims between 2013 and 2017, examined all sorts of claims from cosmetic scratches to major damage. Their survey reveals that the top 5 nameplates for vandalism are Smart, Mini, Alfa Romeo, BMW, and Mazda. The data also reveals that:

  • 15% of vandalism is cosmetic damage
  • 12% is front bumper and front door damage
  • October is the worst month for vandalism, especially around Halloween
  • vandalism claims rise by 8% in October
  • claims usually fall by 12% in December.


It is not clear why vandals target small cars, but it could be the fact that they are easier to damage. It’s a lot like being a bully. You pick on the car that makes the easiest target for whatever you want to do. Small cars are perceived as being easier because of their size and weight.

It is also interesting to note that the problem is not unique to the UK. Other countries have observed similar results. Smart just seems to be the brand that vandals love to hate.

Turning Them on Their Heads

According to numerous reports, Smart cars are especially susceptible to being overturned. Back in 2014, a rash of Smart car vandalism struck the San Francisco Bay (US) area. Multiple cars were turned upside down by vandals who appeared to have nothing better to do.

Smart cars were also vandalised in Amsterdam back in 2009. There, vandals were more creative than their San Francisco counterparts. Instead of turning the cars upside down, they dumped them into the city’s canals.

What’s Your Experience?

If you own a Smart car or Mini, have you ever been the victim of vandalism? Interviewing Smart and Mini owners would be an interesting anthropological study just to find out how many acts of vandalism do not actually get reported.

At any rate, we are back to the question of whether Smart car specialists are benefiting from vandalism or not. Common sense suggests they do. If vandals disproportionately target Smart cars because of their size and weight, it would seem that garages specialising in Smart car repair would see a disproportionate number of jobs come their way as a result of vandalism.

See what you can learn about Smart cars when you read? One of the world’s most unique city cars is a curiosity in so many ways.


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