Audi Repairs Still Cost the Most

If you think you’ll be in the market for an Audi cambelt change at some point in the future, be prepared to pay big. Among the top three German luxury brands – Audi, BMW, and Mercedes – Audi remains at the top of the list in terms of the cost of repairs.

Most Britons have long suspected that German luxury brands are more expensive to maintain than almost all other brands sold in Great Britain. But the extent of the disparity is lost on the average consumer who doesn’t own a German vehicle. Thankfully, the information can be found online if you really want to know.

It’s All in the Numbers

AM Online reported in early January on numbers published by a popular car repair website showing that Audi is once again the most expensive brand for the third year running. The numbers are based on 60,000 make-specific data points collected from more than 370,000 enquiries placed with 8,750 service centres.

The numbers clearly show that Audi repairs were, on average, 34% more expensive than Mercedes for major work. For routine maintenance, though, all three nameplates were comparable. This is important if you’re thinking of buying a new car but only driving it for 3 to 4 years.

The real expense for Audi repairs doesn’t kick in until you get into things like cambelt changes, transmission work, and major engine repairs. According to the numbers, those kinds of repairs don’t become a real problem until around year five. So you’re pretty safe purchasing an Audi brand-new and selling it just before its first MOT.

Just for the record, Audi repairs are about £75 more per year than Mercedes at the five-year mark. They are up to £50 per year more than BMW repairs. The good news is that the overall cost of Audi repairs is down some 18% from 2015.

No One Is Surprised

No one who knows German luxury cars is really surprised by the repair numbers. Audi is known for expensive repairs for a host of reasons. Car owners can take comfort in the fact that the difference in the three brands is less than £100 annually at the five-year mark which, by some standards, is negligible.

In the end, German luxury car buyers know what they are getting into when they buy. They are willing to accept higher repair costs in exchange for what they perceive to be the best cars available. In light of that, it probably doesn’t much matter to Audi owners that major repairs on their cars cost more.

As a potential luxury car owner yourself, would you consider buying one of the top three German brands? Would it matter to you that the cost of an Audi cambelt change could be rather significant? If not, you may be the perfect candidate to buy Audi, Mercedes or BMW. If you even think repair costs would be an issue, you might be better off with a Ford, Vauxhall or Volkswagen.


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