Big Car Fail: Do Not Avoid the Car MOT Check

Your next car MOT check is coming up fairly soon. In the back of your mind, you suspect there might be a few things wrong that would prevent your vehicle from passing. What do you do? Do you avoid the MOT check and take your chances? Or do you have the car looked at in the hope that it will either pass or need only minor repairs?

One Ferrari owner in Nottingham recently discovered what NOT to do. His car was found by council officers lacking both an MOT and road tax. His £150,000 car was subsequently impounded. Now he will have to pay fines and charges, which could be several thousand pounds, to get his car out of the impound. He will still have to pay for his road tax and car MOT check at that time.

The government isn’t concerned about whether you drive a Ferrari or a BMW. They are not concerned with MOT failure statistics or whether you own a Volkswagen or an Audi. All they care about is that road taxes are paid and MOT checks are done on schedule.

If you are concerned that your car will not pass an MOT test, bear in mind that there are things you can do at home to address the most common causes of failure:

  • Check Your Lights – An astounding 30% of cars that fail the MOT test fail because lights are not working properly. This is one of the easiest things to check and fix at home. If any of your lights are out, buy replacement bulbs and fix them.
  • Check Your Tyres – Another big reason for failing the MOT check is improper tyre pressure or worn tyres. You can check your pressure with an inexpensive pressure gauge. As for tread wear, you can check it using a 20p coin. Place the coin in the tread and see how far it comes up. If you see the outer band of the coin, you need new tyres.

In the event that your car fails the MOT check anyway, you do have options. First, you can pay to have the repairs done right away in which case the garage will conduct a new MOT check at no additional fee. You have ten days to get a free retest if you do not have time to get the work done that same day.

You can also appeal the results if you believe the original test was incorrect. Just take your car to a council-owned MOT testing centre and have them check it again. If the council centre comes up with the same result, you will know that the original test was probably accurate.

MOT rules apply equally to Ferraris, BMWs, and Volkswagens, etc. It doesn’t matter what you drive. If you’re concerned your car is going to fail, do yourself a favour and don’t avoid the MOT check. Get your car fixed, and get the MOT check done.


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