Car Upholstery Repair on Vegan Interiors

Bentley recently became the latest luxury car maker to announce plans to create a line of cars with vegan interiors. Though no launch date has been set for the line, designers at Bentley are looking at a range of options including mushroom and protein-based leathers and jellyfish-based materials for trim. The announcement causes us to wonder what car upholstery repair might be like for a vegan interior.

Bentley’s recent announcement comes on the heels of talks they have had with some of their wealthier customers – mainly American celebrities living in Southern California – looking for luxury cars that do not contain anything made with animal products. In the world of luxury cars, that means leather. Manufacturers are having to ditch their leather materials in exchange for other options that still look and feel as luxurious while catering to the needs of vegans.

For the record, Bentley is not the first car company to drive down the vegan path. Mercedes-Benz started the trend way back in 2005 when they announced they were offering a leather-free option on all their cars. What’s different between then and now are the materials being used. Back in 2005, there were few alternatives for creating interiors that looked and felt just as luxurious. Today’s technology has changed that significantly. Now everyone from Mercedes to Tesla to Volkswagen and Range Rover are pursuing modern vegan interiors.

Pricey Interior Repairs

With all that out of the way, the question of car upholstery repair on a vegan interior comes to the forefront. Though we do not have any hard numbers to rely on, it seems reasonable that repairing a mushroom leather interior would be a bit more expensive than the same repair on cowhide leather. It is the simple law of supply and demand.

Fewer than 1% of the population is committed to a completely vegan lifestyle. That means the demand for vegan interiors is not going to be extremely high. Subsequently, the materials will be pricier and the labour more intense. There just does not seem to be a way to make car upholstery repairs cheap when you’re talking vegan interiors.

Please understand we are not saying that vegan interiors are a bad thing. They are not. We all have to live by the dictates of our conscience, and some people just cannot bring themselves to drive a car with an interior made using animal products. That is a legitimate choice.

The point here is to simply illustrate that without sufficient demand, vegan interiors and the car upholstery repairs that go with them are likely to be more expensive. Any car owner willing to spend more in order to avoid animal products is likely to spend extra on repairs as well. Bentley is counting on it, as are a number of other luxury nameplates. They will probably have no problem meeting the demands of their vegan customers thanks to the development of new materials that can easily take the place of cowhide leather.


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