Engine Mapping Obsolete as EVs Emerge

It wasn’t that long ago that car performance enthusiasts couldn’t stop talking about engine mapping. No matter where you went, drivers bent on increasing the performance of their BMWs and Audis couldn’t stop talking about the various techniques for remapping a car engine. Since the start of 2018 however, all that talk has faded away. […]

Why Smart Car Dealers May Have an Advantage Beginning in 2019

When Smart officials announced in late 2017 their plans to ditch internal combustion engines in favour of electric-only models beginning in 2019, they raised some eyebrows. Now it turns out they may be on to something. A recent survey conducted by AA suggests that the manufacturer and its European Smart car dealers may actually have […]

Why Don’t Dogs Like Smart Cars?

If you are a dog owner thinking about buying a new car, you probably shouldn’t even consider a new or used Smart car. At least that would seem to be the case if you read a new report from What Car? describing the best cars for dog owners. The 7th June report lists more than […]

Are Smart Car Specialists Benefiting from Vandals?

Are Smart car specialists benefiting from vandals? It is a legitimate question thanks to research that indicates car vandals tend to pick on compacts first. Smart cars and Minis are at the top of the list. And if vandals are targeting compacts, garages that specialise in their repair would seem to be doing well, too.

Will Smart Car Service Costs Go up in 2019?

There is something afoot in the factories that produce Smart cars. That something is an aggressive conversion that is preparing the plants to manufacture nothing but electric vehicles beginning in 2019. With the announcement of the plan to go all-electric in 2019, Smart has decided to cross a line they may not be able to […]

Whatever Happened to the Smart Roadster?

We have been hearing a lot about the Smart Fortwo ever since the company behind it announced they would be transitioning to fully electric cars by 2020. As exciting as that news is, the Fortwo never enjoyed the same kind of critical acclaim lavished on the Smart Roadster. So whatever happened to the car Smart […]