Volkswagen Announces Fully Electric Beetle for 2019

Volkswagen service will take on a whole new dimension in 2019 once the German carmaker introduces its new line of fully electric vehicles under the ID nameplate. Among the cars to be produced under the nameplate is a reimagined Volkswagen Beetle, a car that appears poised to combine some elements of its 1950s predecessor with […]

Done with Diesel: Maybe It’s Time to Go EV

VW garages have been working overtime since the Volkswagen emissions scandal broke in late 2015. Some 30 months later, fallout from the scandal continues. Manufacturers from Volkswagen to BMW have all reported declining interest in diesel cars. What does that mean to you? Maybe it is time to start looking at electric vehicles (EVs).

VW Car Repairs Spark Thousands of Complaints

Since the Volkswagen emissions scandal broke, UK owners have been faced with the decision of whether to get their cars fixed or continue driving them as-is. Common sense would dictate that repairs are in order, especially given that Volkswagen cannot charge for them, but not everyone is on board with that solution. In fact, thousands […]

For Volkswagen, Servicing Unhappy Customers Not Easy

It’s been an up-and-down couple of weeks for Volkswagen since the start of the new year. On the one hand, their relatively poor performance in the US has limited the size of the fines they face across the Pond in relation to the emissions scandal. That much is good. But on the other hand, they […]

Emissions Scandal Doesn’t Affect MOT

The automotive world was shocked in 2015 when the Volkswagen emissions scandal first broke. As you might already know, Volkswagen was caught using customised software to get past US emissions regulations without having to make significant alterations to their vehicle designs. The company has faced stiff fines and penalties since the scam was exposed. Meanwhile, […]