Explain This to Your Audi Car Repair Specialist

Somewhere in Cardiff there’s Audi car repair specialist who cannot quite figure out how one of his clients managed to get his car stuck on top of two others, thereby necessitating extensive repairs to the underside. Quite frankly, only the driver of the car in question really knows for sure what happened. At any rate, parking an Audi TT on top of two others is something the manufacturer doesn’t recommend.

A July 12th (2017) story published by Wales Online provides a little insight into what happened. Apparently, two cars were trying to pass each other on Clodien Avenue in Cardiff. They got close enough to initiate a collision which, inexplicably, lifted the passenger side of a £30,000 Audi TT. The Audi continued moving until it came to rest across the bonnet of one car and the boot of another.

In fairness, it was just the left side of the Audi that was engaged. The entire car was not resting on top of the other two. Still, pictures show a rather surreal scene that’s almost hard to believe. We’d wager a guess that everyone who has seen the report wants to know what really happened. And because the car is an expensive Audi, car repair costs are a matter of curiosity as well.

You Just Never Know

We can laugh about this incident because no one was injured and the damage was minor. But even in our amusement there are lessons to be learned. First and foremost is the reality that you never really know what’s going to happen with your car when you go out driving. Cars are essentially heavy objects on wheels that can do strange things under the right conditions.

In this particular case, the physics were just right to lift the front of the Audi TT and deposit the left side of the car in a rather precarious position. Perhaps the same accident couldn’t be replicated again, but nothing stopped it from happening in this instance. That’s why all of us need to be so careful when we get behind the wheel.

The second lesson to be learned is that even the most expensive cars on the market are prone to costly accidents. Hopefully, the driver’s insurance is adequate for covering the costs of expensive Audi car repairs. Otherwise, his out-of-pocket expenses could be quite substantial.

As for the other two cars, the pictures are not clear enough to determine the makes and models. One looks like a people carrier while the other appears to be a mid-sized saloon. Their owners will be looking at separate insurance costs to pay for the damage.

Such is the world of cars and motoring. It doesn’t matter whether you’re driving a £30,000 Audi TT or an inexpensive Ford Fiesta. Accidents happen to the best of us. The only difference between the Audi and Ford owners is the amount of money they will pay to fix their cars after an unfortunate accident.


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