The Car Mechanic: A Banger-Buyer’s Best Friend

Banger-buyers are interesting breed. They scour every resource they can get their hands on in search of a decent car they can get at a good price without having to worry about putting a load of money into future repairs and maintenance. The best banger-buyers understand one thing: a good car mechanic can be the buyer’s best friend.

The typical banger-buyer is someone who looks for a well-used, but cheap-to-acquire, car anywhere between ten and 15 years old. He or she is not picky about makes and models either. There are as many banger owners driving BMWs and Jaguars as there are owners of less expensive Toyotas and Vauxhalls. It matters not whether the car they find is a Ford, Audi, or Smart Car, as long as they can get a good deal on something that is in decent condition. And that is where the car mechanic comes in.

Always Get a Professional Opinion

Your average banger-buyer expects to spend at least some time under the bonnet changing the oil and handling other light maintenance tasks. But he/she does not want to have to be faced with major repairs. So before the experienced buyer actually puts down the money, he/she takes the car that is being looked at down to the car mechanic for a once-over.

A good mechanic can do a thorough inspection and render an opinion in under 30 minutes. If it takes any longer, there is a good chance the car is probably not worth buying. The same can be said if the mechanic takes one quick look under the bonnet and doesn’t investigate any further.

What if the seller of the car refuses to let the buyer take it to a mechanic? That is a red flag by any measure. Not wanting the car to go to a mechanic could be an indication there is something seriously wrong with it. Experienced banger-buyers know enough to turn around and walk away.

Getting Help After the Purchase

Getting the professional opinion of a car mechanic prior to purchase does not guarantee the banger-buyer will not run into trouble in the future. So having a good relationship with your mechanic applies to repair work too. A mechanic who can be trusted is one who will do future work at a reasonable cost and at a level of quality the buyer does not have to worry about. Most experienced banger-buyers would never even think about doing what they do if they didn’t have a good mechanic they could rely on.

Buying bangers is not for everyone. It requires a little bit of knowledge, a willingness to drive used cars instead of new, and an attitude of no fear when it comes to popping open the bonnet and getting one’s hands dirty. A good car mechanic doesn’t hurt either. Experienced banger-buyers know that a good mechanic can be their best friend whether they choose to buy a German import or a budget-friendly economy car.

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