Volkswagen Announces Fully Electric Beetle for 2019

Volkswagen service will take on a whole new dimension in 2019 once the German carmaker introduces its new line of fully electric vehicles under the ID nameplate. Among the cars to be produced under the nameplate is a reimagined Volkswagen Beetle, a car that appears poised to combine some elements of its 1950s predecessor with the electric technology of the future.

One cannot help wondering if Volkswagen has taken a page from Smart’s playbook by investing in an all-electric line. But it really makes no difference. What is more important is that they have decided to launch the ID nameplate with a little bit of nostalgia. It is quite likely that VW plans to target those buyers who were purchasing their first cars from Volkswagen back in the 1960s and 70s.

The Reimagined the VW Beetle

Volkswagen’s reimagined Beetle isn’t a 100% nod to the past, but there is enough there to recognise the roots of one of the company’s most iconic models. Rumour has it that some of the features of the new car will remind buyers of the first-generation Beetle. Volkswagen has made it clear that the reimagined car will not be a continuation of the second-generation model slated to end production in 2019.

For example, the second-generation car is a two-door hatchback with a body very reminiscent of its first-generation predecessor. The reimagined Beetle will be a four-door that looks like it was born out of the union of a Type 1 Beetle and a modern crossover. Though Volkswagen maintains the new car stays faithful to the original body design, one look tells you it doesn’t. The new car is similar, but not that close.

So what is it about the ID Beetle that is so reminiscent of the Type 1? For starters, there are rumours that the car – already dubbed the Beetle EV – will return to the original roots of rear-wheel drive. Given that long transmissions stretching the entire length of the vehicle are not ideal for electrics, this would suggest a rear-mounted motor. That would leave the front to be the boot, just like the first-generation Beetle.

First the ID Buzz Microbus

Volkswagen officials say that the eventual design of the Beetle EV hasn’t yet been determined. A lot rides on how well the buying public receives the ID Buzz microbus, an all-electric version of the original VW bus. If car buyers latch on to its emotion and nostalgia, Volkswagen may work a little harder to make the Beetle EV look a lot more like the Type 1. Otherwise, they may stick with the more modern looking vehicle.

Whichever way you slice it, Volkswagen service is going to have to include all-electrics in the future. It is clear that Volkswagen is going all-in on electric technology in anticipation of European governments phasing out diesel engines. Perhaps they have been influenced by Smart and Nissan. Maybe they would have developed ID anyway. It doesn’t really matter in the end.


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