Why Don’t Dogs Like Smart Cars?

If you are a dog owner thinking about buying a new car, you probably shouldn’t even consider a new or used Smart car. At least that would seem to be the case if you read a new report from What Car? describing the best cars for dog owners. The 7th June report lists more than half-a-dozen car choices, none of them coming from Smart.

What Car? enlisted the help of a small number of pet experts along with a group of pet-owning readers to come up with 19 different cars spanning six categories based on price. The lowest category includes cars costing £16,000 or less while the highest category exceeds £40,000.

What we found most interesting about the report was not the price points, but the nameplates. Among all 19 cars, the dominant nameplate was Skoda. Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz all had just one entry apiece. How many Skoda entries were there? Try three. Land Rover was in second place with two entries. All the rest of the nameplates had just one entry each.

So What Do Dogs Like in Car?

It wasn’t clear from the report exactly what it is that dogs want in their owner’s cars. But they clearly have some preferences. For example, maybe Skoda seats are more comfortable than any of the others. Or perhaps dogs have a penchant for certain kinds of body styles. Who knows? Since dogs can’t talk, we just have to surmise what they are thinking.

It could be that our canine friends do not really care what they are riding in. Maybe it comes down to owner preferences. If that is the case, then there are some pretty specific things dog owners would look for a new car. A large boot is a good starting point.

Your typical used Smart car is not going to be dog-friendly inasmuch as its boot is non-existent. Unless you want your dog riding right next to you, a Smart car isn’t going to get it done – especially if you own a big dog. That automatically narrows the field to wagons, hatchbacks, SUVs, people movers, and the like. Even vans are preferable over city cars and saloons.

How About Interior Options?

Another theme that appears to be popular with dog owners are cars that offer the right kinds of interior options. Remember those Skoda seats we mentioned? Well, if you’re a dog owner looking at a Skoda Octavia Estate, seats are just the start. You can apparently equip your car with a partition screen and rubber boot mat to accomplish two important things for dog owners: keeping Fido in the back and protecting the boot carpet from those little accidents that are bound to happen.

According to What Car?, dog owners have different needs and tastes compared to the rest of us. That makes sense. So maybe it’s not that dogs don’t like Smart cars, but that their owners expect a certain kind of functionality in the cars they choose.


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