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The Best Car Servicing and Diagnostics in Lincolnshire

Servicing vehicles

Service Type Fleet Road Garage Price Notes
Interim service Only £90.00
MOT and interim service Only £115
Major Service Only £140
Mot and Major Service Only £160
Mercedes Service Type Fleet Road Garage Price Notes
"A" service Only £150.00
MOT and "A" service Only £180.00
"B" Service Only £199.00 Includes quick test (normally £75)
Mot and "B" Service Only £220.00 Includes quick test (normally £75)

Servicing is an art and should not be carried out by an inexperienced person as this is the time that a minor problem can be spotted and a stitch in time saves

The servicing of a vehicle in a timely manner is one of the most vital things an owner can do and will pay dividends over a period of time.

Service intervals from manufacturers have been extended and extended to such a point now that if something goes wrong during a service interval it can had dramatic consequences at the next service.

We advise that a vehicle should have some sort of a service and check over at least once a year and more often depending on mileage and usage. At least the oil and filter should be changed. Even on very low mileage per year vehicles this is essential as there is a build up of acids in the oil that need to be removed and reduce the damage that this can cause. Also items deteriorate over time as well as mileage. A time critical item is the tyres on a car. Over a period of time, even if the car is not used the tyres will become un-serviceable due to cracking which can become an MOT failure or at very least reduce the stability of the vehicle on the road and greatly increase the stopping distance in an emergency. There are many items similar to the tyres such as the CV gaiter which also tend to crack and split over time and let out all the lubricant required to keep the CV joint working correctly.


Interim? Service:?? This is a small service which includes an oil and filter change and a general check over of the vehicle.? Brakes are checked if possible but without the removal of the wheels,? Under bonnets fluid levels are checked and toped up.

This service is ideal for owners who are doing low mileage and we recommend this type of service every 2nd year with our Major service carried out in between

Major Service:? All the above however all wheels are removed.? All brake pads are removed from both the front and rear braking system, cleaned up, lubricated, reset and refitted.? Discs are cleaned up and callipers are checked for operation.? Handbrake mechanisms are cleaned and adjusted and checked for correct operation.? In the case of the handbrake being inside the rear disc the rear discs are removed and any rust removed from the handbrake drum surface and refitted.? This is an item that never gets attended to in regular Main Dealer servicing but here it is included as part of our Major Service.? Air filter, fuel filter are checked via records and changed if necessary at additional cost.? All latches hinges etc are lubricated.? The above together with an addition 50 checks form the Major Service


Diagnostics is an area of our business that is growing year on year and as vehicles become more complicated and with the sophistic electronics being on vehicles for a number of years now, problems are occurring that the majority ?Fred in the shed? can?t cope with. We have invested heavily over the last few years in the technology that lets us diagnose your vehicle faults and in the majority of cases leads us to the solution. The diagnostic computers are not the be all and end all of vehicle diagnostic. All it gives is a fault code that has either been stored on the ECU (electronic control unit, cars brain) or is current. In some instances this information can lead you directly to the problem however inn the majority of cases the codes only give you a guide to the concern.? This is because something like a boost pressure valve fault could be caused by a split pipe somewhere on the system of a faulty wire or even a more serious engine problem.? It is this experience that we have.? We have had vehicles brought to us from Cambridge, Lincoln, Kings Lynn but to name a few where cars have been into garages both Main Dealer and also Independent Dealers who have not been able to get to the bottom of the problem. We have solved the problem, however there never is a quick fix and no we don?t have crystal balls, just a vast amount of experience and a desire to fix the problem.

Mercedes Diagnostics

We have invested in the latest Star Diagnostic Equipment so that we can invariable find and fix the problem of your Mercedes AT A FRACTION OF THE COST OF A Mercedes Main Dealer.? The equipment we use runs exactly the same programs that you will find in a Mercedes Dealership so if they can do it we can also.? The only thing that we steer away from is the programming of keys as there is a security issue associated with this type of repair and the key fobs have to come from Mercedes in the first place.

Smart Cars Specialists

With Smart being part of the Mercedes brand most of the above applies however we will do the programming of keys for these vehicle and have the ability to get the relevant TAN codes for programming the keys to your car. We now have carried out the majority of repairs that apply to this type of vehicle

VW Range of Vehicles Servicing

We have recently invested in the latest equipment? VCDS for the diagnostic on all of the VW range of vehicles.? The equipment is exactly the same as used in Main Dealers which enables us to get to the route of any problems than you may have. On the latest vehicle you are unable to change such things as the rear brake pads without the use of this type of equipment. Similarly of you have a problem with the self adjusting headlamps we have the ability to reset the modules etc


As above we have the relevant diagnostic equipment to ensure that we can carry out any servicing and repairs to the Highest standards. Have a look at the major Service content above and you will see that we go even further than the Main Dealer in ensuring that your vehicle is serviced right. These are very well built vehicles and will last many years and give you good service as long as they are looked after. We have an Audi A6 that we look after that has done in excess of 265k miles and other that usual serviceable items, there hasn?t been any major assembly failures that we know of.


VW?s fun section of the market. Great built vehicles at a modest price. VW often fit major assemblies to this make prior to fitting into their other main stream makes so we see engines etc on Seats that appear in the Golf a year or so later. We have a lot of experience with Seat and are able to do the majority of both Diagnostic and Repairs to all models. Yes they do need looking after, just the same as any other vehicle that you want to give you good service. Seat do have a few wiring issues that can cause the dash warning light to come on. Our diagnostics and experience together has cured all the faults often without changing expensive and unnecessary parts.


This site used to be the local Skoda dealership some 15 years ago and we still see many Skoda vehicles. Skoda uses the same sophisticated engine management and electrics as the majority of the Volkswagen Audi Group have on their vehicles and have made transformed the brand to one that is highly regarded in the modern line up of vehicles. We can carry out the majority of repairs and servicing to all the model range and you can be assured that the Diagnostic Equipment we use is up to date and is virtually identical to the Main Dealer systems. The only things that we can?t do is the reprogramming of the main ECU and this needs a special code from the main VAG computer to allow access. As these items are very reliable we have not had the occasion over the past few years to have needed this facility. All other warning light etc can be Diagnosed via our diagnostic equipment and the faults established. You are in safe hands as it is the experience behind the information obtained from the Diagnostic Equipment that can establish the root cause of the concern. An example is that the EGR valve is giving an incorrect reading and therefore illuminating the engine management light. This could be caused by a vacuum leak somewhere else on the car so when the ECU tries to open the EGR valve, there is not enough vacuum to move the valve and therefore the ECU thinks that the EGR valve is faulty.

Other Makes

Whilst we are heavily investing in Dealer equivalent diagnostic equipment we can still cover the majority? of faults with our SNAP-ON Modus diagnostics.? The makes covered are as follows:? Alfa Romeo, BMW, Citroen, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Lancia, Land Rover, Maxda, MG and Rover, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel and Vauxhall, Peugeot, Renault, Toyota and Volvo.

The diagnostics available are dependent in the specific vehicle however engine management, air bag, abs, service reset etc are available in most cases. Recoding of the injectors for Ford vehicle and a number of other is also included in this fantastic piece of kit.


No we don't have the prettiest workshop in the UK but we do have the majority of equipment for repairing and looking after your car.? Over the years we have invested heavily in specialist equipment, made up our own tools and added to the ever increasing need for up to date diagnostic equipment so that we can remedy faults on vehicles that even the Main Dealers have tried and not succeeded.

This together with our experience ensures that you can have your vehicle repairs here with the confidence that the costs will be reasonable and the fault will be fixed.

Wherever possible we use Autodata, the Industry Leader in vehicle labour times and information,? to give you an accurate quote for any repairs that you may require.? We give you the option to use Original Equipment (OE) supplied from the Main Dealer or Alternative Suppliers of similar quality which are usually far more competitive.? We do not use ?Cheap Parts? which in the majority of cases is a false economy as not only do you incur greater cost in the long run we need our customers to be happy with the repairs that we carry out and feel that it is value for money.

?Within the workshop is our MOT test lane and this together with an adjacent bay ensures that we can usually offer a quick turn round time for minor repairs or MOT failure items:

The work we can carry out is probably endless but below we have listed the major heading to give you some idea as to our ability:

Diagnostics Bulbs
Air Conditioning Headlamp Alignment
MOT? Brake Testing
Welding Quad Bike Testing
Brakes Class IV vehicle Testing
Brake Pipe make up and fit Motorcycle MOT Testing
Exhausts Light Commercial MOT Testing
Wheel Bearings Coolant pressure Testing
Waterpumps Compression Testing
Timing Belts Cam Belts
EGR values Catalytic Convertors
Clutches Shock Absorbers
Radiators Coil Springs Front and Rear
Electrics Gearbox
Driveshafts Prop Shafts
CV Boots Steering Racks
Power Steering Brake cylinders
Brake bleeding Radio
CD players Handbrakes
Windscreens Wiper Blades
Oil Oil and Filter Change
Interim Service Full Service
A Service Mercedes B Service? Mercedes
C Service Mercedes D Service? Mercedes
Longlife Service Service indicator reset
Automatic Gearbox Gearbox fluid change
Gearbox filter change Chassis Welding
Top Mounts Ball Joints
Washers Headlights
Side Lights Zeon lights
Bumpers No Plates
Heated Rear Window Aerials
Heated Seats Electric Seats




We have probably worked on the majority of makes of vehicles on the British roads from minor repairs such as brakes, exhausts, servicing etc to major repairs inc engine rebuilds, electrical faults, welding etc. Between the team we invariably have the knowledge to repair the majority of things that go wrong with vehicles and can at least offer advice as to a solution to a problem.? Sometimes it can be bad news as the repairs required may far outweigh the value of the vehicle but we leave the decision to you.? The one thing that you can be assured of is if there is a way of repairing the vehicle we will be able to advise you the most economical .? We repair wherever we can and do not just put on new parts ?willy nilly?.? There have been a number of incidences where a part can be repaired instead of fitting a new unit.? A repair comes to mind where a customer can in with a coolant loss on a Transit.? A quick check showed that a metal pipe that runs along the front of the vehicle had a pin hole in it where it had rusted due to having stones hit it off the road and over time rusted through.? The local Ford Main Dealer advised the part was ?168.00 as it came with a load of hoses attached.? We cut out the offending bit of the pipe and fitted a new bit of rubber hose across the area, refilled with antifreeze and checked.? We are now 18mths later and serviced the vehicle twice since and the repairs is still holding.? Total cost to customer was ?70.00 instead of approx ?275.00.