Hear What All our Customers are Saying

Hear are what our customers have had to say about their experience with Fleet Road Garage.

Bill Boland

I have now found out that there is something than can remove vast amounts of money from your bank account faster than your wife/girlfriend, or electronic transfer, it is of course Main Dealer Servicing. As we have recently purchased a Mercedes ML270 CDI, I phoned Kings Lynn Mercedes to get THEIR price on a major service, including all filters, also NEW pads & disks back and front, I was quoted £1400 pounds. I called Adrian at Fleet Road Garage, for the same service and was quoted £700 pounds, 50% less than a main dealer, I also received a far better service, as Adrian found a few smaller items that needed attention, which were fixed at no extra charge. That is what I call professional service. Do you know of any other garage that would do that ??, no I didn't thing so. If you are looking for a friendly, helpful and honest garage, that don't charge like a Bull, this is the company, Thanks again to all the staff at Fleet Road Garage for offering a superior all round service. The question is "why would you want to go any where else"???

Bill Boland

Having recently purchased a secondhand Mercedes Benz from a Car Dealer, I wanted to know if everything was 100%. As the service book had full and total MBSH, I felt that all should have been well.

After being given the quote for a small service (engine oil & filter) also to replace all the brake pads and the ball joint, I thought the sales person had given me his telephone number, no it was the price for the work to be done.

I had seen the advert for Fleet Road Garage in the local paper and also spoken to a few people that came back to me with nothing but glowing reports regarding the quality of work and also the prices, I decided to give them a try. Best thing I have done for years, I cannot recommend this company highly enough. The staff are polite, the coffee is good, and their knowledge of electrical and mechanical items seems to be unmatched by the so called main dealer experts.

After having a full and total service, including all filters draining and refilling the auto gearbox, rewiring the electrics from 7 pin to 13 pin on my tow hitch, replacing all the brake pads and the ball joint, Adrian the Owner cleared out all the faults from the onboard computer, ( something the past MB garages had conveniently forgotten to do) and all this at the same price that the Merc garage had quoted me for a small service, pads all round and a ball joint.

Now my car runs like new. So any driver that wants the job done professionally, and at a very reasonable price, there is only one place to go. Would I recommend F.R.G again ? I will not be going any where else.

They are as the song says, "Simply the Best", Thank you once again, to all the staff at Fleet Road Garage Kindest Regards.

Dannyboy 293

Window regulator broke on the Monday came in that afternoon they ordered a new one and fitted it on the Tuesday. Cant fault it...

Fiona Boyle

Have been going to them for years for my MOT’s for the family. Always very fair and will show you items that are wrong so you can understand. Not the cheapest but quite reasonable

Lizzie Middleton

Broke down last Saturday with flat battery. Rang and spoke to Richard. He came out and fitted battery same day and let me get to my Son’s party in the evening

Lucy Reid

Air conditioning packed up on our Renault Espace. Wanted a new evaporator under the dash as it was leaking. Too much money to replace it but suggested we try a Stop Leak to see if it would work. That was 18mths ago and it is still working.

Jonathon Prigmore

My Nissan Terrano wouldn’t start on occasions and have taken it into lots of garages over the years but to no avail.  Found problem and fitted new wiring and relay.  Problem cured. 

Matthew Biggs

Was quoted approx £1000.00 for 2 drive shafts to be fitted to my A Class Mercedes last week as I had an ABS fault at a local Mercedes Dealer.  Diagnosed here while I waited, only need 2 CV joints, total job £350.00

Nick Baker

Went to a local garage not Fleet Road Garage and spent £1200 on engine noise.  Noise still there.  Went to Fleet Road Garage and they diagnosed rattling flaps in the manifold.  Wasn’t sure at the start but they did job.  Problem now cured.  Didn’t need to have spent £1200 in the first place.

Emily Harrison

Thanks for the work on my Micra last week.  Coffee was good too.

Ben Warner

My Mondeo had a fault where it kept going into limp home mode. Fords said it need a new turbo and possible injectors, common problem Cost into thousands. Fleet Road Garage diagnosed the problem with the actuator for turbo. They found a company that supplied the actuator and fitted. Problem cured at a fraction of the cost. Thanks

Chris Wotton

Went to Vauxhall and they said I needed a new coil pack.  Bought one no better.  Was going back to Uni on the Saturday.  Called into the garage and they diagnosed a egr valve whatever that is.  They got one for me and fitted it and it worked.  Couldn’t have got back to Nottingham without their help  Thanks

Dan Harding

Went to Formula 1 locally for a service and was told I needed £850.00 of work to be done. Rang Richard at Fleet Road Garage for a second opinion.  He checked over the car and then went round it with me and showed me the things that needed doing which was only half of that reported. Other work was not needed.

Stephen Warburton

Went to 2 local Mercedes Main Dealers to sort out gearbox problem.  They had the cars for a total of 5 days and cost of £375.00.  In desperation rang Fleet Road Garage as heard they were good. Had car a day and sorted out problem. Was low on engine oil causing problem.  Why couldn’t Merc find it.

Lauren Price

I have a Meriva.  Light on dash came on.  Went to Vauxhalls and they said that I needed new exhaust and sensors  Total £1400.00. Went to Fleet Road and asked them to check.  Found temperate sensor on exhaust had broken. Ordered one and fitted.  Saved over £1000.00.