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Independent Audi Servicing Lincs. - 49% Cheaper Than Main Dealer?

When it comes time for repairs on your Audi you have the choice of utilising a main dealer or an independent garage. So what's the difference?

Provided that both choices offer the same repair, good quality parts, and a decent customer service, it generally comes down to price. And the fact remains that independent garages can usually do the same work as a main dealer for significantly less money. There are a number of reasons for this, but suffice it to say that Independent Audi Servicing in Lincolnshire can be had for less at Fleet Road Garage.

"Independent Garages Can Do The Same Work As A Main Dealer For Significantly Less Money" Call Fleet Road Garage Now On: 01406 422457

To show you what we mean let's look at the following types of service and pricing provided by both a main dealer and Fleet Road Garage, for repairs on an Audi A3:

Service Type Fleet Road Garage Price Audi dealer
Minor repair Only £95 £160
Major repair Only £149 £299

If you combine all two repairs together and compare the main dealer cost with what you'd pay at Fleet Road Garage, you would realise a savings of just under 49%! Obviously, some repairs will have higher savings than others, and repair costs will differ based on the make and model of the vehicle. But just through this comparison you can clearly see that the dealer tends to be much more expensive than the independent garage.

The Reason for the Disparity

It's easy to be suspicious of the prices from a garage offering Independent Audi Servicing in Lincolnshire. After all, we're all familiar with the idea that you get what you pay for. But let's step back and analyse the reality before rushing to judgement.

When it comes to running a full dealership, think about all of the costs involved. You need a sizeable amount of land for purchase or lease, you need buildings for display space, offices, and repair facilities, you have a full staff made up of salespeople, office personnel, and technicians, and you have to pay for every vehicle that arrives on your site. Running a full dealership costs an awful lot of money. In order to cover some of their overhead dealers must charge higher prices. This is why their repairs are so expensive.

"In Order To Cover Some Of Their Overhead Dealers Must Charge Higher Prices" Call Fleet Road Garage Now On: 01406 422457

At an independent facility like Fleet Road Garage, the cost of overhead is significantly less. That makes our prices much lower for the exact same kind of work.

Take the Time to Look Around

Before taking your Audi anywhere to be serviced we encourage you to check around among several independent garages and main dealers. You should call for a few estimates, talk to friends and family, go online and look for customer reviews, and check any other resources you can find that have information about pricing, quality, and customer service.

While you're looking around we invite you to check out Fleet Road Garage. We can provide you with the best Independent Audi Servicing in Lincolnshire at a very affordable price.