What we Offer

The Recommended Major Service - ONLY £140!

Major Service

This is the service we recommend that you have every 10,000 to 12,000 miles.  It cover everything in the Interim service plus many additional checks as shown below.  The major item different is that all wheels are removed and all brakes removed (pads) and inspected, cleaned and refitted and brakes re adjusted.


Change oil and filter

Remove all wheels and check brakes. Remove pads etc as nec clean and adjust.

Replace fuel filter where nec after checking previous records

Replace Air Filter where nec after checking previous records

Check Aux drive belts for wear and condition

Check antifreeze content

Check and top up washer fluid

Check and top up brake fluid

Check all lights for operation

Check serviceability of wipers and wiper blades

Visual check of exhaust

Check tyres for serviceability and wear

Check for and leaks from braking system

Check for any other leaks of fluids etc

Visual check of steering components and report

Visual check of all suspension components

Reset service indicator

Road test vehicle and report of any further actions that may be necessary.

All for £140.00 inc VAT, Oil and Filter, Oil up to 4 ltrs and Labour

Additional charge for fuel filter cost and Air filter cost if changed

Service Type Fleet Road Garage Price Notes
Interim service Only £90.00
MOT and interim service Only £115
Major Service Only £140
Mot and Major Service Only £160