Mercedes Gearbox Problems – Main Dealer Know-How at 47% Discount!

Gearbox with Sensor or Valve Fault! - Mercedes error code: 2200, 2201, 2767, 2768 for 722.9 automatic gearbox.

Do you have a Mercedes 7 Speed gearbox with a speed sensor or valve fault?  We can now cure this fault at half the cost of the Mercedes Main Dealer – not only that we give a 2 year warranty on the repair.

Mercedes Gearbox Problems - 7 Speed Gearbox with a Speed Sensor or Valve Fault

The usual fault you get is the vehicle will go into limp home mode and probably stay in 3rd gear. Sometimes switching off the ignition and then back on clears the fault for a little while.

Mercedes error code type Error code

Speed sensor error codes

2200, 2201, 2767, 2768.
Speed valve error codes Y3/8N1, Y3/8N2, Y3/8N3

A diagnostic check will show a gearbox fault relating to the transmission control module.  Could be a speed sensor fault (this appears to be the most common) or a valve fault or a power supply fault to the valves.

Mercedes in their wisdom when they changed from the older 5 speed automatic transmission to the later 7 speed gearbox decided to put the control module in the gearbox sump, in amongst all the heat, oil etc.  As with any electronic component subjected to this environment it will fail eventually.

7 speed gearbox module repair Fleet Road Garage Mercedes Main Dealer

Genuine Mercedes Parts, Lubricants and Diagnostics

Yes Yes
Price £800 inc VAT £1300 inc VAT
2 years warrenty Yes Yes

We have a solution where the module is removed, repaired, gearbox oil filter and gearbox oil is renewed and all the parameters etc are reset on the gearbox. The cost of this is approx. £800 inc VAT labour and parts.  Mercedes charge in the region of £1500.00 for this repair and only give the same warranty as ourselves. A massive £700 saving.

We have done a number of these repairs and all have been very successful.

How Long Will The Work Take?

The work will take approximately 10 days to be completed.

Is Your Car Un-driveable?

If your vehicle is un-driveable we are usually able to collect the vehicle subject to a charge which we can advise you on when you give us a call.

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