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Mercedes Specialist Boston - Market Leading Servicing For Less!

As a Mercedes specialist near Boston, Fleet Road Garage welcomes Mercedes-Benz owners from all over the region. Mercedes owners are a special breed as evidenced by their choice of vehicles, and they deserve a special type of repair facility offering the highest quality service at very reasonable prices.

"We Have the Same Diagnostic Equipment as The Main Dealers" Call Fleet Road Garage Now On: 01406 422457
Service Type Fleet Road Garage Price Notes
"A" service Only £150.00
MOT and "A" service Only £180.00
"B" Service Only £199
Mot and "B" Service Only £220.00

Fleet Road Garage is that specialist repair facility you're looking for. We can do everything from routine service to major repairs. Whether you need a simple oil change or a major overhaul of your transmission, we give you better quality than your main dealer does at significantly discounted prices. What's more, you can rest assured when your Mercedes leaves our facility it will be running as it should.

Fleet Road Garage service versus your Mercedes main dealer

A step by step guide to Mercedes major service costs and specifications

Service Component Main Dealer Service Fleet Road Garage Service
Senior technician carries out service Yes Yes
Use the latest DAS (Mercedes) engine diagnostic?s equipment Yes Yes
Parts guaranteed for 12 months or 12,000 miles Yes Yes
Service checks As per Mercedes specifications As per Mercedes specifications
Remove front and rear brakes, strip down and clean No Yes
If replacement parts are required, customer pays for parts only
Parts replacement using Mercedes or Mercedes recommended equivalent quality parts Yes Yes
Top ups and checks According to the manufacturer schedule for your make and model. According to the manufacturer schedule for your make and model.
Service carried out to Mercedes specification Yes Yes
Additional charge for fuel filter and air filter cost If changed If changed
Does it uphold my warranty? Yes Yes
Total Cost £399 Including VAT (Mercedes Boston) £199 including VAT

The Fleet Road Secret

Many people are afraid to use an independent repair facility, especially for expensive cars like Mercedes-Benz, because they mistakenly believe their main dealer has the best technicians and offers the best service. That's actually not true most of the time. We can do better than your main dealer can because we do not have all of the expenses they do.

Your Mercedes-Benz dealer has to cover the cost of a large staff of employees, a fully furnished serviced department, the land and buildings needed to operate the dealership, and all of those vehicles sitting on the forecourt. That makes dealer pricing more expensive across the board - including service.

Mercedes Specialist Boston working in the engine bay

Since we focus only on service and repairs and a small amount of car sales our expenses are much lower. This enables us to do two things: recruit and retain the best technicians and offer our customers prices that can be as much as 50% less than what the dealer offers. We even have the exact same diagnostic equipment. As a Mercedes specialist near Boston, we can do what your main dealer cannot.

Quality Repairs Are Never a Question

As a Mercedes owner it's a given that you want high quality service and repairs every time you bring your car in. Fleet Road Garage prides itself in being a top-notch Mercedes specialist in Boston. We do not skimp or cut corners with any of our service or repairs; we always give you the best job possible even if it means going above and beyond what our competitors are offering.

In addition to quality repairs, we also offer the highest quality customer service with the goal of always making you comfortable and at ease. Our professional staff will go out of their way to make sure you are pleased with every facet of the service from the moment you walk in to the moment you drive your car away. We aim to greet you with a smile and leave you smiling as well.

"Call now to get a great price for any Mercedes work" Call Fleet Road Garage Now On: 01406 422457

Just because you paid a lot for your Mercedes-Benz does not mean you need to pay a lot for quality routine service and repairs. At Fleet Road Garage, we want to be your Mercedes specialist in Boston as long as you own your vehicle. We encourage you to get in touch with us today or the next time you need service or repairs. We are confident we can more than meet your expectations.