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Mercedes Specialist Lincolnshire, Main Dealer Diagnostic 48% Less

Regardless of the type of car you own, the key to effective repairs is a quality diagnostic. The importance of a quality diagnostic can't be underestimated with today's ever more complicated vehicles. This is especially true when it comes to luxury vehicles like the Mercedes. If you are the owner of one of these vehicles you need a Mercedes Specialist in Lincolnshire if you expect your car to be diagnosed and repaired the right way, the first time.

Fleet Road Garage service versus your Mercedes main dealer

A step by step guide to Mercedes major service costs and specifications

Service Component Main Dealer Service Fleet Road Garage Service
Senior technician carries out service Yes Yes
Use the latest DAS (Mercedes) engine diagnostic?s equipment Yes Yes
Parts guaranteed for 12 months or 12,000 miles Yes Yes
Service checks As per Mercedes specifications As per Mercedes specifications
Remove front and rear brakes, strip down and clean No Yes
If replacement parts are required, customer pays for parts only
Parts replacement using Mercedes or Mercedes recommended equivalent quality parts Yes Yes
Top ups and checks According to the manufacturer schedule for your make and model. According to the manufacturer schedule for your make and model.
Service carried out to Mercedes specification Yes Yes
Additional charge for fuel filter and air filter cost If changed If changed
Does it uphold my warranty? (subject to conditions) Yes Yes
Total Cost £390.00 Including VAT (Mercedes Lincoln) £205 including VAT

Fleet Road Garage is your premier Mercedes Specialist in Lincolnshire because we provide only the best service. That includes our diagnostics. In fact, we are so confident in our diagnostic and repair service that we're willing to offer our customers a "pay once, get six months free" guarantee. In other words, if you pay the standard fee for our diagnostic service today, you will get an additional six months worth of diagnostics for free. If any of your warning lights comes on during that six-month period, simply drop by our garage for a free follow-up diagnostic. It's a service you won't find anywhere else.

"Fleet Road Garage Is Your Premier Mercedes Specialist In Lincolnshire Because We Provide Only The Best Service" Call Fleet Road Garage Now On: 01406 422457


Furthermore, the fee for a diagnostic in our facility costs about 48% less than the average main dealer. We can offer such great pricing while still employing only the best technicians because we don't have the overhead costs associated with the dealership. Lower overhead means savings passed on to you in the form of lower prices.

"We Don't Have The Overhead Costs Associated With The Main Dealership" Call Fleet Road Garage Now On: 01406 422457

The Importance of the Diagnostic

As previously mentioned, a quality diagnostic is the key to making sure your car is repaired correctly. If the garage is simply guessing at what the problem might be, without any proof to back it up, you could end up spending thousands of pounds chasing a problem which could have been easily identified and fixed with a proper diagnostic. We take diagnostics seriously at Fleet Road garage. You'll never get a random guess from us, and you won't pay a fortune while we spend the next 6 months trying to figure out exactly what is wrong with your car. You get the initial fault print out for your vehicle and following repair a final print out confirming the faults have been rectified.

"We Take Diagnostics Seriously At Fleet Road Garage" Call Fleet Road Garage Now On: 01406 422457

After the Diagnostic Inspection

After you have a proper diagnosis of your car, you then need someone who is dependable and reliable to carry out repairs for you. Because Fleet Road garage kept and is a Mercedes Specialist in Lincolnshire, you can use us not only for your diagnostic needs, but also for any necessary repairs it reveals. Rest assured that we are as committed to quality repairs as we are to quality diagnostics. We will give your vehicle all the attention it deserves to make sure that it is fixed properly.

"Fleet Road Garage Is The Top Mercedes Specialist In Lincolnshire" Call Fleet Road Garage Now On: 01406 422457

Next time you suspect trouble with your vehicle that requires a diagnostic check, we ask you to give us a chance to earn your business. Come in and take advantage of our "pay once, gets six months free" program. Next time you need a repair done we're confident you'll be glad you made the switch.