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SEAT Servicing in Lincolnshire? Major Service £140 versus £288!

SEAT owners all across the UK know they drive vehicles from one of the most well-loved names in all of European car manufacturing. But as good as these vehicles are, SEATs still need serviced and repairs. So if you need SEAT Servicing in Lincolnshire there's no better choice than Fleet Road Garage. We are a fully equipped service centre that can handle anything you might require; from oil changes and minor repairs all the way up to complicated major work.

Service Type Fleet Road Garage Price Notes
Standard service Only £90.00
MOT and standard service Only £115
Major Service Only £140
Mot and Major Service Only £160
"Less Than Your Main Dealer While Still Providing The Same Quality Of Service" Call Fleet Road Garage Now On: 01406 422457

We can also do the work for less than your dealer while still providing the same quality of service. Consider the SEAT Ibiza FR for example. You might take this car to your main dealer from major repair they could charge you as much as £275 for. But bring your car to Fleet Road Garage and we'll do the exact same pair for just £130. That's a savings of more than 60% - a lot of money when you consider the fact that the economy is still struggling to rebound.

Results, Not Just Promises

With some independent garages you get promises of great results, but no delivery. At Fleet Road Garage we deliver exactly what we promise - every time. We're not here to make quick money and rip off our customers; far too many of the garages do just that.

"At Fleet Road Garage We Deliver Exactly What We Promise - Every Time" Call Fleet Road Garage Now On: 01406 422457

As an example of our commitment to quality, we take the time to show all of our customers, in person, exactly what their car problems entail and how we can fix them. We let them see worn-out parts, dangerous conditions, and things that might be addressed in the future. We found that when customers are able to see the condition of their vehicles themselves they are more likely to trust us and the work we do.

As for our quality, we don't cut corners there either. We always make the effort to do the repair right the first time, so you don't have to keep coming back time and again for the same issue. Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced, as well as fully dedicated to customer satisfaction. In fact, you might not find better technicians anywhere in the business. We are proud to say we pay our technicians well because we value their skills and expertise.

Our Savings Is Your Savings

The biggest reason we're able to offer SEAT Servicing in Lincolnshire for less is the fact that we don't have the added costs incurred by a bigger repair shop or dealer. We are a small, five-employee company without the expensive overhead of a full dealership. We don't have a large showroom to maintain, a large sales staff to pay, and a warehouse full of parts that could potentially sit on the shelf for months at a time. Instead, our facilities include just what we need to conduct our business efficiently. That includes all the latest diagnostic equipment, just like your dealer uses, but without the unnecessary overhead, which translates into significant savings for you.

"We Are A Small, Five-Employee Company Without The Expensive Overhead Of A Full Dealership" Call Fleet Road Garage Now On: 01406 422457