What we Offer

Smart Car Garage? Major Service Only £150 Instead of £291!

If you own a Smart Car you've made a smart decision in terms of car ownership. But why compromise such a good decision by taking your vehicle to a high priced dealer for repairs? That's not a smart decision at all. Rather, you need a Smart Car Garage that can fix your car right without robbing you blind. That's where Fleet Road Garage comes in. We are the Smart Car Garage of choice in Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire.

Service Type Fleet Road Garage Price Notes
Standard service Only £100.00
MOT and standard service Only £119.50
Major Service Only £150.00
Mot and Major Service Only £169.50
"We Are The Smart Car Garage Of Choice In Lincolnshire And Cambridgeshire" Call Fleet Road Garage Now On: 01406 422457

The biggest advantage of using Fleet Road Garage is our pricing structure. For example, major service at your main dealer could cost you £291 for a specific type of repair. Fleet Road Garage charges only £115 for a repair of equal quality. Not only that, you also get the specific parts that are right for the job, installed by an experienced and professional technician who is just as concerned about your safety and comfort as you are. What more could you want in a repair garage?

Let the Main Dealer Sell, Let Us Repair

It was once said by a very smart man that we should all pick one thing and do it well. Following that advice, Fleet Road Garage has chosen car repairs to be the one thing we do better than anyone else. So let the dealer sell the Smart Cars, but let us repair them. We know the Smart Car inside and out, so we can get you back on the road in no time. Our highly experienced technicians are knowledgeable, caring, and professional all the way. And we have all the latest diagnostic elements needed to properly assess your vehicle's needs.

We Do It Better for Less

When you consider the cost savings you can realize by bringing your Smart Car to us, it makes no sense to pay more at your main dealer. They may have a shiny new show room where you can browse vehicles while you're waiting for repairs, but that show room is costing you more money on your final bill. Not only that, the entire time you're there you'll have salespeople trying to sell you a new vehicle. You don't need the hassle, you don't need to pressure, and you certainly don't need to be overcharged for repairs.

"It Makes No Sense To Pay More At Your Main Dealer" Call Fleet Road Garage Now On: 01406 422457

Fleets Road Garage has no fancy showrooms, pushy sales people, or high-priced service departments. What we have are five dedicated employees with a passion and drive to produce happy customers. We believe we have what it takes to earn your business regardless of the type of repairs you need. If you're looking for simple front pad replacement, we can do that. If you need major engine work, we have the tools, skills, and knowledge to do that as well.

We invite you to come down for a visit to see why our facility should be your Smart Car Garage of choice. We'd be more than happy to discuss your Smart Car servicing needs with you.