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Do You Make These Mistakes With Your Smart Car Servicing?

There are lots of garages and dealers offering Smart Car Servicing in the UK. In Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire we have our fair share of options. But many people make common mistakes which lead them to pay significantly more for their repairs then they really need to. The question is, are you making some of these mistakes? If so we would encourage you to contact us at Fleet Road Garage for all of your Smart Car Servicing needs. We'll always give you the best price possible on high quality repairs.

Agreeing to Repairs without Understanding

One of the biggest mistakes people make is agreeing to have repairs done without fully understanding what the problem is. This is one of the ways some dealers and repair shops take advantage of their customers. They use industry terms and impressive sounding phrases that end up being a foreign language to customers. And those customers, unwilling to sound uninformed or unintelligent, simply go along with whatever the garage tells them. That's a recipe for being overcharged on both necessary and unnecessary repairs.

Don't make that mistake again. At Fleet Road Garage we'll take the time to show you exactly why your car needs repair. We'll even explain it to you in layman's terms so that you fully understand what we're recommending be done. When you bring your Smart Car Servicing needs to us, we'll treat you right all the way through the process.

"At Fleet Road Garage We'll Take The Time To Show You Exactly Why Your Car Needs Repair"

Assuming Your Dealer Is Your Best Option

Another big mistake Smart Car owners make is assuming that their main dealer is the best option for service. This may be the case for some people, but not for most. Your dealer has a lot of extra costs associated with maintaining his business; costs that are passed on to you in both the price of the car and service and repair bills. Fleet Road Garage can do all the same work that your dealer can, with the same diagnostic equipment and tools, but at a much lower price. Since we don't have the added costs of the dealer, there's nothing for us to pass on.

"Fleet Road Garage Can Do All The Same Work That Your Dealer Can, With The Same Diagnostic Equipment And Tools, But At A Much LOWER Price"

Failing to Get Other Estimates

When it comes to major work, you should always get multiple estimates for your Smart Car. Unfortunately, many people don't do that. If they did, they might find their main dealer giving them a quote of £291 while we do the same work for just £162. It seems obvious that a savings of £129 is worth the time and effort to get multiple estimates. It also doesn't hurt to do the same for minor repairs and routine maintenance as well.

Truth be known, Smart Car Servicing doesn't have to be so expensive as to break the bank. Please consider using Fleet Road Garage for your routine maintenance, minor repairs and major repairs. Our experienced and professional technicians are ready to give you the attention and quality service you deserve. So call us today or stop in for a visit.