What we Offer

Smart Car Specialists? Smart Diagnostics You Can Trust!

One of the keys to making sure your car repairs are done right is to use a workshop with quality diagnostics. On the other hand, a workshop that doesn't have the very latest diagnostic is not prepared to give you an accurate assessment of the state of your vehicle. This is especially true where Smart Cars are concerned due to their state-of-the-art technology. Fleet Road Garage are your Smart Car Specialists with the same Smart diagnostics your main dealer uses.

"Fleet Road Garage Are Your Smart Car Specialists With The Same Smart Diagnostics Your Main Dealer Uses"

We provide Smart diagnostics you can trust at a price you can afford. Not only that, we offer a six-month follow-up on all diagnostic services. In other words, once you pay regular price for a diagnostic we'll give you as many follow-up diagnostics as you need for the next six months, all free of charge.

"We Offer A Six-Month Follow-Up On All Diagnostic Services - Free Of Charge"

Why We Do It

We're pleased to offer our six-month diagnostic guarantee because we know that happy customers are returning customers. We believe in the importance of earning your business every step of the way. We won't simply give you a discounted rate on a single repair, just to get you in the door, and then treat you badly from that point forward. At Fleet Road Garage you and your Smart Car are always important to us. That's true no matter the size and scope of your repair.

"We Believe In The Importance Of Earning Your Business Every Step Of The Way"

We Won't Rip You Off

One of the reasons garages have such a bad reputation is that so many of them rip off their customers through dishonesty and shoddy repairs. In fact, you've probably been a victim yourself at one time or another. You've been overcharged for a repair that was completely unnecessary simply because you don't know enough about your car to tell the technician he's wrong. Rest assured that we don't treat our customers that way. We want you to fully understand all repairs being made so that all of your questions are answered.

To that end, we'll gladly take you out to our service area and show you exactly what needs to be done to your vehicle. When it comes to our diagnostics we'll explain the results returned by your car's computer. You will also get a comprehensive print out of any faults that have been recorded. Before we ask you to spend any money we want you to be completely comfortable in our honesty, integrity, and explanation. If at any time you disagree with our assessment you're free to take your vehicle to get a second opinion.

At Fleet Road Garage we kindly ask you to consider us your Smart Car Specialists. Please feel free to call us - or stop by for a visit at your convenience. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have in regards to your Smart Car servicing needs. And remember, we provide Smart diagnostics you can trust along with our six-month diagnostic guarantee.

"We'll Be Happy To Answer Any Questions You Have In Regards To Your Smart Car Servicing Needs"