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Volkswagen Servicing Lincolnshire - Do You Make These Mistakes?

Taking your car to your main dealer for service is something many people do without thinking. In some cases that might be appropriate. But in other cases your dealer may not be your best option. For a Volkswagen Servicing in Lincolnshire you do have another option in Fleet Road Garage. We are a top-notch service facility capable of handling all of your Volkswagen repair needs. We also give you excellent customer service and very reasonable pricing.

Service Type Fleet Road Garage Price Notes
Standard service Only £90
MOT and standard service Only £115
Major Service Only £140
Mot and Major Service Only £160

"Your VW Main Dealer May Not Be Your Best Option"

As for your main dealer, have you made any of the mistakes listed below? If you have, it may be time for you to consider bringing your service and repair work to Fleet Road Garage.

Mistake #1 - Assuming Dealer Technicians Are the Most Qualified

It's common knowledge that many people assume the technicians employed at your dealer are the most qualified to work on your car. Such is not always the case. Yes, your dealer does represent the manufacturer, and the manufacturer expects top-notch service from its dealers, but often dealer’s hire entry-level technicians in order to keep their costs down. Such technicians may be great at oil changes and spark plug service, but they may not be your best choice for major repairs. Fleet Road Garage technicians are experienced, knowledgeable, and well-qualified to work on your Volkswagen.

"Often Dealer’s Hire Entry-Level Technicians In Order To Keep Their Costs Down"

Mistake #2 - Assuming You Get the Best Price from the Dealer

Another incorrect assumption is that our main dealer will give us a better repair price than an independent garage. This is almost never the case. Consider the fact that the main dealer must spend money on maintaining the show room, paying sales staff, and many other things independent garages don't have to deal with. All of those extra costs are added your repair bills. Volkswagen Servicing in Lincolnshire can be done much more economically by an independent facility like Fleet Road Garage.

Mistake #3 - Expecting the Dealer to Give You Extra Perks

It used to be that car dealers would give away a long list of perks and incentives in order to keep customers coming back. But the margin for dealers has plunged in recent years to the extent that such practices are no longer the norm. Don't make the mistake of paying higher prices for your repairs in the hopes of gaining extra perks from your dealer. It probably won't happen. You're better off making sure you get your repairs done right at a price you can afford.

Mistake #4 - Demanding Repairs Be Done for Free

Lastly, many car owners believe dealers ought to make some repairs for free in exchange for their business. This is a quick way to cause your main dealer to refuse your business in the future. He can't afford to give away free repairs and stay in business, and he's not about to bend to your demands. If price is important to you, your best bet for Volkswagen Servicing in Lincolnshire is Fleet Road Garage.