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VW Specialist Lincolnshire? Main Dealer Quality for Less!

Quality. That's a word that gets bandied about with very little concern for what it means. Contractors promise quality service in your home; restaurants promise quality food and waiter service; even the government promises quality hospitals and education. But whenever we talk of quality it raises two questions: how is quality being defined, and, is the supposed quality worth the price?

We can ask these two questions for just about any product or service we purchase - including car repairs.

Fleet Road Garage is a VW specialist in Lincolnshire providing main dealer quality for a lot less money. That's right. We take care of your Volkswagen with the same attention to detail, the same quality parts, and the same commitment to customer satisfaction; yet our prices are a fraction of what the same repairs would cost at your main dealer. Depending on the particular repair you need, your savings could be as much as 50% to 75%. In these tough economic times that's a significant amount of money.

"VW Specialist in Lincolnshire Providing Main Dealer Quality For A Lot Less" Call Fleet Road Garage Now On: 01406 422457

Small Show Room, No Dedicated Sales Staff Makes Us A Cheaper VW Specialist

What sets us apart from your VW Main dealer in terms of pricing is the fact that we only have a small showroom or and no dedicated sales staff to maintain. The dealer obviously needs these things in order to successfully sell cars. But since the show room and sales staff require additional costs, the combined overhead results in higher retail prices for both sales and service. When you're paying high prices for repairs at your main dealer you are helping to cover some of his overhead.

Because Fleet Road Garage is a VW specialist in Lincolnshire, we can repair your vehicle for less than the dealer because we don't have those additional expenses. We run a very cost-efficient garage, yet a garage that still has all the same diagnostic equipment the VW main dealer has along with the best technicians in the business. We are not lacking in anything that's required to make your VW repairs. All we're lacking are the extra dealer expenses that only add to the repair price.

"Same Diagnostic Equipment The VW Main Dealer Has Along With The Best Technicians In The Business" Call Fleet Road Garage Now On: 01406 422457

Our Specialist Technicians Are the Best

It is true that your VW repairs are only as good as the technician performing them. But don't make the mistake of believing that the technicians at your dealer are always the most qualified to work on your car. Quite to the contrary, part of reducing costs at the dealer level is to hire less experienced technicians who will work for less money. At any given VW main dealer there may be only a limited number of highly-paid and highly-skilled technicians to do major repairs.

"Don't Make The Mistake Of Believing That The Technicians At Your Dealer Are Always The Most Qualified To Work On Your Car." Call Fleet Road Garage Now On: 01406 422457

At Fleet Road Garage we find that when experienced technicians are looking for better pay and better working conditions, they're likely to leave the main dealer and come to an independent garage like ours. We appreciate their skills and knowledge, and we reward them accordingly. As a VW specialist in Lincolnshire, we pride ourselves in employing only the best technicians in the business to properly service your car.