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Women and Fleet Road Garage

We have recently run a check on our database and found that slightly more that 55% of our customers are women.  Why. Because we take the time to explain.

At Fleet Road Garage we take the time to explain any work may be required on your vehicle in layman’s terms.

There is no point in saying “We found that the pistons in the near side front calliper are seized and you need a reconditioned calliper and new pads”. 

It is not only women that don’t know the difference between a calliper and a piston or a big end from a ABS sensor.  There are a number of men is the same situation.

We would explain that it was the passenger side front brake part that operates the brakes on the car. This component is subject to all the weather and salt and grit from the road and over a period of time the moving parts in the “calliper” can seize up and this causes the brake on that side either to not work or stay on. The safest repair is to have a reconditioned “calliper” fitted, which in the majority of cases come with the same guarantee as a new part fitted, and new brake pads which are the parts that wear when braking. In the majority of cases we would show the parts to our customer so that you can have a better understanding of the repairs that are needed.

Women at Fleet Road Garage

The same applies to parts like the EGR valve. Most people would think it was a foreign language been spoken. It stands for Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve and this valve can cause all sorts of problems on the modern engine.  We would take the time to explain the problems and the cures should the need arise.

So to conclude we will not patronise you. We understand that cars are foreign objects to some people and if you would like to know more about any concerns you may have on your vehicles we will take the time to explain and show you if possible.

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